What can Toowoomba Apex Offer Your Organisation?

We can provide charitable-rate labour for events for your organisation such as:

  • Setup & pull down for events or other organisation.
  • RSA approved drink service.
  • Sausage-sizzle or Hamburger style food preparation and service.

We can offer a channel for your organisation to meet social responsibility goals by partnering with us by sponsoring specific projects for which your organisation will receive media creat similar to the below featuring Heritage, Sunrise Way & Toowoomba Apex;




What Would Toowoomba Apex Club Like From Your Organisation?

Opportunity For Projects

  • You may know of somebody or something that may benefit from our hands-on service work.

Opportunity For Funding

  • You may wish to sponsor a specific project or contribute to our general fund raising.


  • You may know somebody that we should talk to regarding point one or two above and can provide an introduction so we can keep helping our community.



Enquiries for Service Work

One of the core activities of Apex is undertaking altruistic service work in our community. Examples of jobs we have done in the past are paving outdoor areas, installing disabled access facilities and restoring the blue Lifeline bins.

Community organisations in Toowoomba that require a bit of work done are welcome to enquire about whether our Apex club can assist. We typically supply labour and, depending on the project, may have a budget for materials as well.

Our organisation is not typically able to make straight cash donations.

If you have some service work that our club might be able to assist with, please fill out the below form and our Service Director will contact you to further discuss your requirements and determine if your service job is something we are able to assist with.

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