What Is The Toowoomba Apex Club?

Apex is a member of the Association of Apex Clubs which was founded in Australia in 1930 and is now in seven countries globally. It is a service association for men and women from 18-45 years and is secular and non-political. The Toowoomba Club was founded in 1940 and membership is by invitation only.


Because we represent a younger demographic, we tend to undertake more physical service projects rather than donate money. We find jobs that are not funded through other channels and organise funds and labour for their completion. Such local beneficiaries include:

The Toowoomba Children’s Contact Centre

  • The primary service provided by the Centre is the facilitation of changeovers and a place for supervised contact visits. The Apex club built their playground and regularly help to maintail it.

Sunrise Way

  • Sunrise Way enable clients to understand their addiction, manage their mental health, develop skills and strategies to maintain sobriety and rebuild their lives. The Apex club provided manpower for some landscaping projects as well as securing funding for whitegoods.


  • Lifeline engage with individuals, families and communities to develop their skills and resilience to facilitate positive change. The Apex club regulary helps lifeline with its Bookfest event, landscaping & building maintenance work and renovating their collection bins.

The Toowoomba Hospice

  • The Toowoomba Hospice facility on the Darling Downs provides free palliative care for the terminally ill. The Apex club has provided manpower for landscaping works.

Teen Challenge

  • Residential rehabilitation for young men and women who require support in overcoming drug/alcohol addictions, and other life controlling issues. The Apex club has helped with landscaping works including building a new volley ball court.

To facilitate the completion of these projects, the Toowoomba Apex Club will partner with similar community organisations including Toowoomba South Rotary and Highfields Scouts.


You will develop social and business networks. Through the act of completing service events with other like minded young men, you learn and display good character. These are relationships built on trust and sincerity that will serve you well in your community. The next logical step is the development of your business network.

People do business with people they like and if you have been completing service work and social activities with like minded people, you are dramatically increasing your chances of working in with these other members.


Apex develops people. Within the club, members need to undertake roles such as President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership & Service Director and more. This gives the opportunity for personal & social development through;

  • Learning a role, reporting to a group, and executing a project.

  • Learning to take an executive role in an organisation including legal responsibilities and reporting.

  • Public speaking through presenting to a group.

  • Meeting Procedure – how to run a meeting so that all participants have an opportunity to have their say in a structured manner, and how to participate in a meeting to achieve results.

  • Members are mentored in these roles through senior experienced members.

  • Roles must be turned over each year so members get to experience many roles and learn the processes, procedures, and responsibilities.

  • While the focus is on non-profit organisations, the knowledge is transferrable to a corporate environment. By the time a member leaves the club, then they have the skills to run a local P&F, Sporting Club or other organisation.

  • As a male club we address male depression, isolation, respect & family violence by providing a support network with positive male role models and mentors.

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